Now THIS is Kentucky Fried Chicken

Ramsey’s Diner, Lexington KY

The Colonel’s got nothing on Ramsey’s Diner, a Kentucky tradition with four family-friendly locations throughout Lexington.

Ramsey’s began with little money, but a big dream. The money part led to a mishmash of tables and chairs, which in turn led to charm as big as the portions.

The veggies are fresh, the meats are premium, and the service is bar none. All this at a price that allows Rob Ramsey’s loyal customers to dine in as often as they’d like. (And they like to, a lot.)

Ramsey’s specialty is the ‘meat and three’ – or ‘meat and two’ at lunchtime – with a choice of 13 different meats and more than 20 vegetable side items. Chicken n’ Dumplings counts as a meat! Macaroni n’ cheese is a vegetable! And the corn on the cob is deep fried!

Might we heartily suggest the fried chicken, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, so good you just might want to move here.

The menu is gigantic, and so is Pat’s Meatloaf Sandwich – so big we had to cut it with a fork and knife. You can order breakfast all day, and pie for days.

Missy’s Pies, its own store, is an offshoot of Ramsey’s, resulting from a lack of dough-rolling space in the original kitchen. Don’t get us started on the peanut butter pie. We’ve been having sweet, sweet dreams about it since our last visit to the diner.

This place is great for families with kids. There’s even a toy box in the corner. So grab a chair – each one is hand painted with a different design – and take a load off.

Happy Hour is extra happy, with two-for-one drink specials from 4 to 7 p.m. daily.

If you’ve never visited the South, Ramsey’s Diners are a fitting introduction to the home-cooked dishes that make our region famous. But don’t let all the fried items fool you – there’s a Gluten Free menu for those with dietary restrictions.

Word to the wise: Wear loose-fitting clothing, and don’t plan on doing anything else for the rest of the day.

(Except planning your next visit to Ramsey’s.)