You Need to Be Chewing at Chuy’s

Chuy’s, Lexington KY

If you’re like us and thoughts of a burrito are all you need to get you through the day, head to Chuy’s for a Tex-Mex fiesta you won’t soon forget.

The fun and friendly atmosphere hits you like a ton of hot pink bricks before you even get through the door. There’s the colorful Spanish tile, of course, but hubcaps on the ceiling, snakeskin, glitter booths and indoor palm trees (watch out for falling coconuts!) … take the Mex to the max.

Chuy’s makes everything fresh from scratch daily, including all special sauces, world-famous guacamole, burritos-as-big-as-your-face, fajitas, tacos and more.

It all got started in an abandoned Austin, Texas BBQ shack in the 1980s. A legacy of super fresh food and outstanding customer service has taken Chuy’s from one small shop to destinations across the U.S.

Their motto? “We don’t take anything seriously, except our food.” And the food is seriously good. Portions are big enough to enjoy in the restaurant and take home for the next day (or a late night snack, no judgment here.)

At the Hand Rolled Tortilla Station, you’ll find a ‘tortilla expert’ on hand, rolling out the little flat wonders all day long. They’re made of corn, fresh and fluffy.

When ordering, unless you are lactose intolerant – and even then maybe so because it could be worth the intestinal discomfort – by all means ask for the cheese dip. You will want to smother your entire meal in this warm, creamy goodness.

If there’s one more thing Chuy’s is serious about, it’s the service. Our waiter brought chips and salsa the moment we were seated, then dropped off another bowl minutes later. He never let our drinks get low … like, even four sips low.

It’s worth picking up a T-shirt here, because the merchandise is as good as the food. It’s clever and of-the-moment, like a kid’s shirt with a picture of Disney’s favorite ice princess that reads, “The Spice Never Bothered Me Anyway,” or another with an image of a tortilla chip Darth Vader, reading, “I’m Nacho Father.”

This is a place for food and fun lovers, so get yourself a table under the plastic palm trees right away.

(And call us, because we’d love to join you.)

Chuy’s is located at in Lexington, KY. For more information, please visit the Chuy’s website or call (859) 245-2489.